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Services Offered At North Trail Chiropractic Clinic

Dr. Dishauzi encompasses all areas of practice to help his patients achieve optimal health and wellness. Through his training in posture/structural spinal correction, orthopedics and neurology, Dr. Dishauzi evaluates and treats patients focusing on biomechanics, neurology and core support.

Whether your condition is musculoskeletal, orthopedic, or neurological, the services at North Trail Chiropractic Clinic can likely be the answer to your problems. We offer a vast array of services that include:

    Following a thorough exam, Dr. Dishauzi will be able to determine what treatment options will be best for you. Treatment options can be any of the above or combination of any of the above mentioned services to bring you back to optimal health. Call (239) 261-5222 today to schedule your appointment to see how we can help.

    Click here to download and fill out our new patient form to bring in with you on your initial visit.